Centro Lingüístico Maya, an
Educational Institution and
legally approved by the
Government of Guatemala, was
founded in 1979 in order to
provide work for the people in
our community.  

Presently, this kind of work
represents a very important
source of income in our country.
Our Program operates in a
ONE-ON-ONE basis, where
every student has his own
teacher. The individual
instruction of CLM makes
you feel confident that you
are receiving the necessary
attention to learn Spanish.
Our teachers are very
experienced in this field.
of them have completed
studies to teach Spanish.
Generally, our instructors possess a minimum of 15 years of experience, and many
of them continue other professional studies at the University.

Upon the students arrival, we evaluate their level of Spanish.  Based on this
evaluation, the instructors plan their individual teaching programs.
At the students request, the teachers make periodic evaluations to determine
progress in the language.  We provide our students with books and materials in
order to facilitate their Spanish Classes.

Included with the program, CLM also offers excursions twice a week to different
places in and around Antigua, such as museums, colonial houses, and ruins of
special interest.  The most important idea of these excursions is to practice
Spanish and to learn about the architecture, culture, religion and customs of
At the present time the School operates in two more than adequate buildings, in
order to fulfill our students needs. The Central building of CLM is located in
downtown Antigua, just two and a half blocks from the Central Park and one and a
half blocks from the bus station. Since we are located downtown, our students
have access to places like the central market, the post office, varied restaurants,
churches, hotels and local craft shops.
Centro Linguistico Maya
Spanish in the right place ...
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