While our students are in the
School, they may choose to live in
hotels, of which there are a variety
of categories and prices in Antigua.
However , we recommend living
with Guatemalan families, because
the students can practice their
Spanish , and learn about our
culture and customs.
We offer this kind of living accommodation for our students, in order to be
in a total immersion of the program and in order to gain the maximal efficiency in
their learning.  Our families are located downtown, near the School, between 1 and
8 blocks from the central building. We will place you in the family upon your
arrival.  We can provide our transportation service, or if you prefer, you can inform
us of your arrival

In Antigua at any time and we will be waiting for you at the School. In the family, the
student will have a private room with 3 meals a day from
Monday to Saturday.  It is better if you bring your own personal things including a
towel and any additional items that you may need.  The family
will provide you with blankets and sheets.

Since CLM looks for our Students well-being, if you are not comfortable with a
family, we will gladly move you to another.  We encourage frequent feedback from
our Students to ensure that our home stays meet their needs.
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